Computer Full Form in hindi 50 -100

Computer Full Form in hindi 50 -100

Computer Full Form in Hindi 50 -100

No. Abbreviation Full Form
51 AD Active Directory
52 ADC Analog to Digital Converter
53 BGP Border Gateway Protocol
54 CSI Common System Interface
55 DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
56 OSI Open Systems Interconnection
57 LAN Local Area Network
58 WAN Wide Area Network
59 MAN Metropolitan Area Network
60 PAN Personal Area Network
61 MAC Media Access Control
62 OMR Optical Mark Recognition
63 NIC Network Interface Card
64 LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
65 UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter
66 DCE Distributed Computing Environment
67 PFA Please Find Attached
68 HCI Human Computer Interaction
69 FHS Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
70 FCS Frame Check Sequence
71 DVE Digital Video Effects
72 DLL Data Link Layer
73 CSV Comma Separated Values
74 CTCP Client–to–Client Protocol
75 ABI Application Binary Interface
76 MIS Management Information System
77 BIOS Basic Input Output System
78 SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
79 LTE Long Term Evolution
80 AHA Accelerated Hub Architecture
81 ALU Arithmetic Logical Unit
82 FPU Floating Point Unit
83 FXP File Exchange Protocol
84 HID Human Interface Device
85 IOS iPhone Operating System
86 PATA Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment
87 DDR Double Data Rate
88 DFS Distributed File System
89 MIPS Million Instructions Per Second
90 MMC Microsoft Management Console
91 VGCT Video Graphics Character Table
92 WBMP Wireless BitMap Image
93 PCM Pulse-Code Modulation
94 WMA Windows Media Audio
95 RAS Remote Access Service
96 HTM Hierarchical Temporal Memory
97 SIS Security and Intelligence Services
98 LBA Logical Block Addressing
99 CIDR Classless Inter-Domain Routing
100 MIMO Multiple-Input Multiple Output

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Computer Full Form in Hindi (01-50)

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NCVT ITI Result 2021 Steno (Declared)

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11 months ago

[…] Computer Full Form in hindi 50 -100 […]

11 months ago

[…] Computer Full Form in Hindi 50 -100 […]

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