MS Office Shortcut Key in English

MS Office Shortcut Key in English

MS Word Shortcut Functions, Numeric, Character Keys in English

Computer Word Processor (MS Word [MS Word Shortcut Keys]) given in the competitive examinations, in the form of the English alphabet (Keyboard Alphabetical Order Shortcut Keys ) related to the page tasks, all the shortcut keys, which are on the keyboard. The use of the entire part of ) such as Function-Keys, Numeric-Keys, Character-Keys is shown:-

You can use this keyboard shortcut to work faster in Microsoft Office, many of these keyboard shortcuts work in all three Word, Excel, and Powerpoint

 MS Office Shortcut Key in English

  • CTRL + 0 – Space the first 6pts of the current selected paragraph
  • Ctrl+A – To select the entire page at once
  • Ctrl+B – To make text bold
  • Ctrl+C – To copy text
  • Ctrl+D – To change the default font setting
  • Ctrl+E – Center the text
  • Ctrl+F – To find
  • Ctrl+G – To go directly to a page or line
  • Ctrl+H – To replace a word
  • Ctrl+I – To italicize text
  • Ctrl+J – To justify paragraph

 MS Office Shortcut Key in English

  • Ctrl+K – To hyperlink the page
  • Ctrl+L – Align text to the left
  • Ctrl+M – To increase the indent
  • Ctrl+N – To create a new file
  • Ctrl+O – To open file
  • Ctrl+P – To take out the print
  • Ctrl+Q – To end indent
  • Ctrl+R – To write align text
  • Ctrl+S – To save the file
  • Ctrl+T – To increase the handing indent on the page
  • Ctrl+U – For Underline
  • Ctrl+V – To page the text
  • Ctrl+W – To close the file
  • Ctrl+X – To cut text
  • Ctrl+Z – To undo

 MS Office Shortcut Key in English

  • F7 – Open spell check and grammar text or documents
  • F12 – Save the currently displayed page
  • SHIFT + F3 – Change the selected word style to upper and lower case
  • SHIFT + ALT + D – Insert current date
  • HIFT + ALT + T – Insert current time
  • Ctrl+] – To increase the font size
  •  Ctrl+[- To decrease font size


MS Office Shortcut Key in Hindi


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